Specialist Anxiety Coaching Therapy in Nottingham

Is Stress or Anxiety affecting your life. Stopping you do the things you love. Is it impacting your work, social life or home life. Is it really making you unhappy? Work with me to overcome these feelings and then live a happier, more confident life.

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Most of us know what anxiety feels like. It’s that jittery, tingly and heart-racing sensation that spreads across your body when you’re faced with a problem or uncertainty. 


For some, those feelings disappear once the situation has been sorted out. For others, the anxiety does not go away.


In fact, it can often get worse over time, and can interfere with your daily activities, including work, social life and relationships. It creates fear, uncertainty and panic attacks. Health anxiety and social anxiety are a particular problem at the moment.


Anxiety makes you feel alone, constantly questioning your decisions and feeling like no one understands you. I do understand because I’ve lived through it too.


If you’re feeling this way and want help to manage your anxiety, then with a unique approach combing coaching and therapy I’ll gently guide you through it to a happier life. 

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Specialist Anxiety Coaching Therapy in Nottingham

I set up this business because I went through all of this too. You see, I understand what it’s like. I lived the experience for longer than I care to remember. It’s tough and lonely feeling like this everyday isn’t it.


The main focus of the business is on generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety and health anxiety but I can and will help you if it’s something else, like OCD or depersonalisation which is quite common in panic attacks.  


This is why I do what I do. I finally got help for it, did further specialist training and now want to help you look and feel happier and be more confident. To worry less and live without the constant fear and uncertainty.


I set up the business because I hated living this way and don’t want you to feel as though you’re on your own going through this too.

So you might be asking, just how will coaching therapy help me?

My approach is unique in that it uses life coaching methods combined with therapy.


This unique approach helps you uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears; but then you’ll learn how to relax; look at situations in new, less frightening ways; and develop better coping and problem-solving skills.


Coaching therapy will give you the tools to cope with anxiety, then shows you how to use them now and long into the future. It’s a really powerful and successful approach.


Think of it like this. Coaching therapy is pretty much like a fitness coach but for your mind. 


A fitness coach comes up with a plan to get you fitter. I’ll come up with a plan to make you less anxious and more confident.


Coaching therapy is simply a great investment in your mind. As the mind affects everything we do, say or think it’s a heck of a good investment. 


I’m thinking you might want to know what life will look like for you after we work together.


  • For starters, you’ll be worrying less and feel a real sense of calm and control.

  • You will have better relationships with yourself and those you love. 

  • Which means you will no longer need to seek the approval of others.

  • Then your confidence in yourself and your decision making will grow. 

  • Others will notice how great you look.

  • The fears and worries you have about the future will fade away.

  • Now you can finally live in the present moment and forget about what’s happened in the past.

  • All of this means you will begin to live the wonderful life you truly deserve.


We know that seeking help for your anxiety can be scary. However, it’s the most crucial step you can take to deal with your anxiety and get back to living the life you deserve. Let’s have a chat and I’ll explain how we can help you. 

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Would you like to live a life with less worries?


How would it feel to lead a life where you can manage your stressful thoughts, or cope better with feelings of anxiety.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel happier in your relationships, to perform better at work and feel more relaxed at home. Having experienced these positive changes, I know how to get you there too. 


You will be gently guided  through the process so you will experience less stress and anxiety, and as a result really begin to live your life without constantly worrying about everything.


I will help you understand where your anxiety comes from and show you how to deal with it. I will be with you every step of the way.


Click this link if you want more information on how the the coaching treatment plans can help you.

Get in touch for a Free Consultation via Zoom or phone. This is simply a chance for us to get to know each other and find out more about what you are looking for help with.

david newman

Hi, I'm David.

From my own experiences of working with a coach/therapist I have learnt that my poor methods of coping with stress came from my childhood.

I was constantly anxious over what others thought of me and was a people-pleaser always doing what I could to win people over. And, at the same time I found it difficult to form relationships and trust others.

When I moved into the working world as an adult, my poor coping methods remained and I continued to feel anxious.

While working a stressful job, I eventually hit the boiling point. I was anxious, stressed, worried about my work performance, damaging my personal relationships, and completely unable to relax and enjoy life.

And then, I had a stroke.

Click this link if you’d like to find out more about my own story.

Some kind words from a few past clients

Oh gosh where do I start. I have had health anxiety for years and it was really affecting me badly. I had to do something about it so contacted David. He was really easy to chat to and there was no pressure. Life feels so great now and can finally do things i never thought i could. There are occasional blips but I'll go back to his training and can overcome it now. Thankyou David I will definitely recommend you to others.

I really enjoyed working with Dave. I went to see him because of my social anxiety. He challenged me but in a nice way to build up my confidence and helped me understand that there were things i was capable of doing that I had given up on. The methods he used were easy to understand but really worked for me. I feel so much happier now.

David was excellent. He has real insight and a great approach. I was really stuck in where I wanted to go and was constantly living with my anxious thoughts which badly affected me at work, and he provided everything I needed to move forward with my life. I'm now more motivated and happier. I would definitely recommend him. Changed my life.

Now here is the key thing – don’t let your stress and anxiety stop you from reaching out and seeking help.

The first step is often the hardest but I do my very best to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease when we first speak. I also offer a free initial 30 minute consultation call so that we can make sure we are a great fit before proceeding.

Now is the best time to break free from stress and anxiety, and begin living your life with more confidence and certainty.

Needing help with relationship anxiety?

Just as a quick aside. I’m finding an increasing number of people coming to me for support around stress and anxiety in relationships. Either the stress of being single, or the anxieties of being within a challenging relationship. If this is you, then I also provide specialist relationship coaching to help you with this. You can find out more by clicking the link below. 

Resilient Relations (specialist relationship coaching)

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