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Please find below some blog posts that I hope you find really useful. There’s a range of material here that covers many of the topics that client’s come to see me about in my coaching practice. If you’re not quite ready to start on your journey out of stress and anxiety, the articles I’ve written might help you to reflect on your current challenges and begin the process for you. 

If you find yourself connecting with any of the material on these blog posts, and would like to chat further about it, then do contact me here and we can go through it together. I am happy to chat to anyone if they are struggling and simply need some advice or reassuring words them I’m happy to do that. 

If after having read some of the material and you think, yes this is me, I really do need some support then do get in touch. We can then start you on one of our fabulous coaching programmes which is tailored to you and your circumstances. Become one of the many client’s in my coaching practice who have been through the programmes, and come out the other end, healthier, happier and so much more confident. 

Secrets to resilience

Developing your resilience In these stressful times, we need to find ways to manage to get through daily life and resilience is key to this.

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Managing stress

Why is it so important to manage your stress and anxiety? If you’re living with high levels of stress and anxiety, you’re putting your entire

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Stress and physical health

How Does Stress Increase Your Chances Of A Stroke? Scientists have found that people who have heightened activity in the amygdala — the part of the brain

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We hope you enjoyed reading these articles, and come back regularly for updates. 

If you find yourself connecting with any of this material, and feel I can help you. Then do not hesitate to contact me and we can have a chat about the way forward out of your stress and anxiety.

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