The general structure of the treatment plans and details of how the coaching works


Weekly 1:1 Live Coaching

Each week, you will receive powerful live coaching, support, and guidance over the phone or video chat. Our private coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific journey, and we will always focus on a topic that will be the most relevant and has most impact for YOU.


The coaching works because it is NOT a one size fits all, but while I have plenty of topics we can work through, I NEVER work off a script or a plan. If something’s on your mind or weighing on you, let’s talk about it! My clients love having the flexibility to shift gears or work with whatever is coming up for them, instead of being guided through a flow that doesn’t resonate with them. As my client, your needs always come first.


Exclusive tools and resources customised to YOU


Our coaching doesn’t stop at the end of each session! Coaching is a continuous growth process, and in order to actually make REAL change, we must always be working to improve ourselves.


To set you up for success, you will receive weekly resources, journaling prompts, and assignments that are custom-tailored to exactly where you are in your journey. These tools are designed to help guide you, challenge you, and stretch your thinking. You will love going through these exercises to help you and put into practice what we work on in our coaching sessions!

Ongoing text and email support


As you go through your coaching journey, you may find that you have a question or want to share a win outside of our scheduled sessions. No problem!


I’m happy to offer my clients bonus text and email support, and respond within 24 hours, so you have the support you need throughout the week as well.


A little about my coaching techniques...

As a qualified coach I have a toolkit of resources that I call upon within my coaching sessions. The exact tools I use with each client vary depending on the issues brought up by the client and where our conversations take us during our sessions but typically I will use a blend of conversational-based coaching (talking about stuff) and structured-based coaching (taking action and finding solutions).

All the tools I have in my toolkit are based on proven psychological theories, a summary of which you will find on the main coaching plans page. 

What results can the right person expect, and how quickly?

The right person for the coaching plans is highly likely to see their levels of self-awareness, and confidence start to improve within just a few weeks of us working together. You’ll start to feel less stressed and more able to switch off your anxious thoughts. By the end of the treatment plan, you’ll have gained confidence and a strong mindset, backed with a tailored strategy to get your life back on track and an ability to really start enjoying life again.


Past clients have seen their confidence and self-esteem rise, their personal relationships improve, they’re seeing improved performance and results at work and they are once again enjoying social activities they had stopped doing. Most importantly, they all feel much more confident in themselves, and as a result their levels of stress, worry and anxiety have dramatically reduced.

Ready to get started

If you’re interested in getting started with the treatment plan, simply contact me by  emailing below and we’ll have a quick chat to make sure we’re a good fit. If we are then we can get you booked in and start your journey to a happier, healthier life.

Don’t be afraid to ask anything. So, if you’re unsure about anything or need clarification about anything at all, please just ask!


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