If you’re ready to start getting relief from your anxiety and build your confidence right now, then enquire about booking onto one of our customised 1:1 treatment plans which will be designed specifically for you.


A customised plan which will solve the root cause of the problem and help you get back to doing the things you love.


Our initial discussion will cover:

  • A prognosis and our best estimate for what it will take for your problem to get better.


  • Costs and availability.


  • How it all works and your preferred method for the therapy sessions. i.e. Video call, phone or in person. 
david newman
David Newman- Specialist Anxiety Coach Therapist


“I’ve been putting off getting help with my anxiety for a while but I’m so glad I finally decided to do something about it. David was lovely and so easy to talk to. He gave me lots of work to do in between sessions but was really helpful and answered any questions I had. Everything was done via Zoom but it worked really well and the sessions we had were really motivating and the work in between really helped me understand and manage my anxiety. Great experience really and I feel loads better and able to enjoy things I had stopped doing. What a relief to finally get some excellent help. Thank you.”

Marie (Nottingham)


Please note: We now only have a limited number of new  appointments available – so enquire now to avoid missing out!

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